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August 5th, 2020

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I've Made Progress With the Heel Wound

By Daddy

Las Vegas — The wound is now .6cm by .5cm deep (about ¼" for those that don't speak metic.) We're very optimistic but don't want to jinx the healing. I'm wearing compressing tubes on both legs and the limp is mostly gone. It's time to schedule a diabetic eye exam which I suspect is sorely needed. Very tired today so taking multiple naps.

Ninety days and counting to the most important election of the century. If you don't want to risk going to the polling place because of the COVID-19, make your request for an absentee ballot now. Some states require an excuse for voting by mail. Due to the coronavirus, some states are giving all voters an excuse to vote by mail for certain elections. Nevada just has a form you print out, sign, and fax to them. I've a copy of the PDF on a thumb drive for the next time I visit the mailbox.

I made it to Day 72 of the SwiftUI. I'm in the middle of a project called Bucket List to work with MapViews to graphically mark a private list of places on the map that they intend to visit one day. One of the longest projects to date that will probably take the rest of the week. In my case more to mark the places that I've been already.

I'm projecting that I'll be about $500 short for the month and I'll need to throw the rest of the stimulus check into the pot. To all those that have donated, Thank you! Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo Luke Evans to Lead 'Beauty and the Beast' Spinoff

Luke Evans to Lead 'Beauty and the Beast' Spinoff

By Mikelle Street

Hollywood — Titled The Little Town, the show will follow the adventures of Gaston and his pal LeFou according to Variety. Josh Gad will return as LeFou. The pair of actors first took on the roles for the 2017 live-remake of the Disney movie and then reprised them for the network's much-watched sing-a-long. (More)

Edge Logo

Trump's Demand for US Cut of a TikTok Deal Is Unprecedented

By Associated Press

Washington — President Donald Trump's demand that the U.S. government get a cut from a potential Microsoft purchase of TikTok is the latest unprecedented scenario in an unprecedented situation. (More)

Logo Logo Alex Morse Could Become One of America’s Youngest Out Congressmen

Alex Morse Could Become One of America’s Youngest Out Congressmen

By Sam Manzella

Holyoke — Alex Morse’s passion for politics and advocacy began when he was just 16 years old. Shortly after coming out as gay to his parents, Morse organized the first Gay-Straight Alliance meeting in Holyoke High School’s history. He expected “just a handful of kids” to show up. Instead, nearly 30 of his peers crowded the room. (More)

Advocate Logo

Democratic Platform Promises Bold Action for Racial, LGBTQ+ Equality

By Trudy Ring

United States — The platform is the first from either major party to include the terms “LGBTQ,” “transgender women of color,” “nonbinary,” “nonconforming,” or “gender confirmation surgery,” said Meghan Stabler, a Democratic activist and member of the platform committee, who is a trans woman. (More)

TowleRoad Logo Is Winking a Gay Man’s Most Powerful Tool in Our New Masked World?

Is Winking a Gay Man’s Most Powerful Tool in Our New Masked World?

By Staff

Cyberspace — Is learning to wink a gay man’s most powerful tool in our new masked world? Over these past few face-masked months, Michael Henry realized that “I tend to give off a lot of social cues orally” so came up with a new trademark: winking. (More)

GayCityNews Logo

Broadway Bares: Alive and Kicking

By David Kennerley

Broadway — Combining archival footage from past "Broadway Bares" shows, performances shot at home this year, and guest commentary, Jerry Mitchell and Troy Britton Johnson created a sizzling "Zoom In" for the 30th anniversary of the famed Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS fundraiser. (More)

Pride.com Logo Swedish Pop Singer Darin Just Came Out as Gay

Swedish Pop Singer Darin Just Came Out as Gay

By Raffy Ermac

.SWEDEN — Popular Swedish pop singer Darin is publicly opening up about his sexuality and coming out to the world as a proud gay man! Born Darin Zanyar, the pop star is billed as one of Sweden's most popular and best-selling artists and first shot to fame back in 2004 after competing on the Swedish version of the long-running Idol reality singing competition. (More)

GayStarNews Logo

Builders Will Start Work on This New £2.4million LGBT+ Center for Manchester Next Week

By Unknown

Manchester — Builders are to start work creating a bespoke £2.4million LGBT+ center for Manchester, the northern capital of LGBT+ Britain. And TV writer and producer Russell T Davies will get them going by breaking ground on the project (More)

Gayety Logo Game of Thrones Star Kit Harington Caught Adjusting Himself on Camera

Game of Thrones Star Kit Harington Caught Adjusting Himself on Camera

By Staff

Hollywood — Harington got himself into something of a pickle while dropping off his pup Whippet at the vet. As much as we appreciate the pants he’s wearing, I’m sure Harington has a bone to pick with them. There’s also the distinct possibility that what we’re seeing here is more in the “wedgie” department, but we can neither confirm nor deny this hypothesis. We’ll save the hard-hitting journalism for later. Either way, we can respect the relatability of this moment, and admire his…poise. (More)