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Alex #2

Las Vegas - 1st Review

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Phoenix - 1st Review


Jack Vidra

Chicago - 2nd Review


August 6th, 2020

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Coverboy Alex #2 of Las Vegas

Alex #2 of Las Vegas


Daddy Logo

Is Political Correctness Getting Out of Hand?

By Daddy

Las Vegas — Tearing down statues, renaming airports, changing flag. When does it stop? Wouldn't it be a shame if Mount Rushmore were to be destroyed?

The first President of the United States, the third President and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, the twenty-sixth President, and finally the sixteenth President and author of Emancipation Proclamation. All have fallen on the wrong side of political correctness that condemns people in some cases hundreds of years after the fact.

Finished Day 73 of the SwiftUI. I'm in the middle of a project called Bucket List to work with MapView. This project once again is a bit of nostalgia as it reminds me of my first programming job to produce maps. It did have an interesting twist of how to hide the data behind Face ID and Touch ID

I've paid the July bills and I'm moving on to the August. I'm projecting that I'll be about $300 short for the month and I'll need to throw the rest of the stimulus check into the pot. To all those that have donated, Thank you! Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo Netflix's 'Money Heist' Just Announced Fifth, Final Season

Netflix's 'Money Heist' Just Announced Fifth, Final Season

By Mikelle Street

Streaming — La Casa De Papel is a bit of a phenomenon. Known as Money Heist in English speaking countries, the Netflix show started off with a pretty meek reception, but slowly as truly good television does, season after season it developed a global, devoted audience who sometimes even halted production as they crowded sets. But now, it's coming to an end. (More)

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Dr. Fauci Laughs Off GOP Rep. Jim Jordan’s Insane COVID Rant: ‘You’re Putting Words in My Mouth’

By Staff

Washington — Dr. Anthony Fauci clashed with Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R) at a House subcommittee hearing on Friday over whether the government should crack down on protests to curb the spread of COVID-19. (More)

BayAreaReporter Logo SF City College to Offer Cannabis Degree

SF City College to Offer Cannabis Degree

By Sari Staver

San Francisco — City College of San Francisco will launch a two-year associate of arts degree program in cannabis studies next spring, which it says is the first of its kind in the nation. (More)

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Here’s an Easy Way to Reward an Everyday Hero Who Is Always Helping Others

By Tris Reid-Smith

Unknown — GSN’s Digital Pride and Pink Lady® apples have come together to give the everyday heroes in our community some much-deserved love. Pink Lady® apples are known around the world as the delicious, fizzy everyday snack. And this year, when we all have so many people to thank, the Pink Lady® team wanted to help us recognize Britain’s everyday heroes. So GSN and Pink Lady® want you to nominate someone special to win a luxurious pamper hamper to celebrate LGBT+ Pride this summer. (More)

Pride.com Logo Kevin McHale's Sausage Accidentally Made His Boyfriend Sick

Kevin McHale's Sausage Accidentally Made His Boyfriend Sick

By Raffy Ermac

Hollywood — Out actor Kevin McHale is a total heartthrob who can easily sing and dance his way into our hearts, but it turns out he may need to spend a little more time honing his cooking skills after accidentally serving his boyfriend Austin McKenzie some bad sausage. (Get your mind out of the gutter folks, we're talking about FOOD here!!) (More)

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Hallmark Channel Once Against Targeted by Anti-LGBTQ “Million Moms”

By Paul Schindler

Unknown — Pointing to a woman named Monica Cole, Hooper wrote, “In the decade that I have been aware of One Million Moms, she is quite literally the only staff member I have ever heard anyone name. She is the one and only person who appears on their petitions, as well as the one and only person who speaks for them to the media. She is the mom.” (More)

Advocate Logo So We're Canceling Ellen Because... She's Not Nice?

So We're Canceling Ellen Because... She's Not Nice?

By Amanda Kerri

Hollywood — I just learned that Ellen DeGeneres is in the news again. I learned this by my editor asking me if I had a take on all of it. I had to google what “it” was, because quite frankly, I have no strong feelings about anything involving Ellen because I’ve had a day job for the past 20 years. I’ve seen maybe an hour of her show, cumulatively in my entire life. Her existence, one way or another, bears absolutely no impact on my life. I’m not going to say, “Sorry, but not sorry,” because truth be told, I have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. And if you want an honest take on all of the Ellen drama, this is all just a weird hypocritical hate-on we developed for the lady because, honestly, I don’t know why. I’ve gone through this summary of Ellen’s fall from grace, and I seriously don’t get it. (More)

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Lifetime Stuffs Our Stockings With First LGBTQ Holiday Movie

By Christopher Rudolph

Hollywood — Lifetime has gifted us an early Christmas present. The cable net has announced that their upcoming slate of holiday movies will include The Christmas Set-Up, the network’s first original movie focusing on a LGBTQ romance. (More)

Huffington Logo ‘Have You Ever Heard Someone Whine as Much’ as Donald Trump?

‘Have You Ever Heard Someone Whine as Much’ as Donald Trump?

By Lee Moran

Hollywood — “For a man who seems to have strength and power, have you heard someone as allegedly powerful and strong as he claims to be — have you ever heard someone whine as much as this man?” asked the host of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.” (More)