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September 9th, 2020

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Coverboy Don't Trust USPS?

Don't Trust USPS?


Daddy Logo

Fifty-Five Days to the Election

By Daddy

Las Vegas — It's less than two months (55 Days and counting) to the elections so I did some research on how I'm going to vote. I live in Nevada, so this election I expect to receive a ballot mailed to me in the next few weeks. It turns out that each polling location also have a "Mail Ballot Drop Off" box monitored by the same people that monitor the in person voting. No muss, No Fuss problem solved without worrying about the USPS or Trump interferring.

"The election ain't over 'til fat lady counts the mail in votes" (that was sarcasm kid) According to Axios A top Democratic data and analytics firm said: "It's highly likely that President Trump will appear to have won — potentially in a landslide — on election night, even if he ultimately loses when all the votes are counted." Be sure to have lots of popcorn for the week after the election!

Today is my weekly visit to the wound doctor. There's a good chance that it'll be the last time.

Then it's off to the store for the chicken egg salad fixings: Green Onions, Celery, Mayo and the new test ingredient curry powder. The chicken I got for half price has been cubed and is in the quart ziploc container. Next, It's egg boiling time!

The User Interface on my SwiftUI app is 95% done, it's just separated in three separate test apps. This week I hope to fold the three test apps into the real app. Then it's on to interfacing with the external library. It may be simpler than I thought as I may be able to call the library without a Thunk layer

Everything is caught up bill wise and I'm over the hump for August. I'll be watching the pennes until about the 20th and then I should be OK. To all those that have donated, Thank you for your donations!. Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo Representative Malcolm Kenyatta Rip Into GOP Over Voter Suppression

Representative Malcolm Kenyatta Rip Into GOP Over Voter Suppression

By Trudy Ring

Harrisburg — Pennsylvania State Representation Malcolm Kenyatta delivered a fiery speech this week against Republican-backed legislation that he says will make it harder for people to have their votes counted.

The bill, which passed the Republican-controlled House of Representatives in a party-line vote Wednesday and now goes to the Senate, eliminates drop boxes for ballots in the state and allows only brief periods for requesting mail-in ballots and beginning vote counts before Election Day (More)

TowleRoad Logo

Truck Filmed Dumping Bags of U.S. Mail in L.A. Parking Lot

By Andy Towle

Glendale — An investigation is underway after a Glendale, California salon owner shared video of a truck dumping bags of unopened U.S. mail in a parking lot behind her business.

“Glendale police said that just before the bags of mail were discovered in the salon’s parking lot, they were called about several bags of mail tossed in an alley about half a mile from the spa. It wasn’t immediately clear if the same truck was involved in both incidents.” (More)

Advocate Logo Hilary Swank and Cast on Away's Hope, Isolation, LGBTQ+ Storyline

Hilary Swank and Cast on Away's Hope, Isolation, LGBTQ+ Storyline

By Tracy E. Gilchrist

Streaming — There was no telling quite how relevant the themes of Away would be when the mission-to-Mars series began production. The Netflix series that stars Hilary Swank as Emma Green, the commander of a years-long global mission to the Red Planet, offers plenty of nail-biting spacewalks, but it's also grounded in themes of isolation and hope that are particularly resonant since life effectively changed last March. (More)

Huffington Logo

Georgia Church Splits From United Methodists Over Support for LGBTQ Rights

By Staff

Savannah — A Georgia congregation said Thursday that it has finalized its split from the United Methodist Church after the denomination’s divisive vote last year to strengthen bans on same-sex marriage and ordination of LGBTQ pastors. (More)

Logo Logo It Gets Better Project Goes Back to School With TikTok

It Gets Better Project Goes Back to School With TikTok

By Sam Manzella

Cyberspace — It Gets Better Project has partnered with the massively popular social media platform for its second annual back-to-school initiative: the Queerbook Class of 2021, a virtual yearbook-style showcase of LGBTQ activists, celebrities, and influencers with words of wisdom for today’s school-age queer youth. Talent in this year’s roster include Grey’s Anatomy star Jake Borelli, sketch comedian Meg Stalter, and The Craft actress Zoey Luna, among others. (More)

GayStarNews Logo

Gay Theology Expert Explains Why Christians Who Use the Bible to Hate Have Got It All Wrong

By Tris Reid-Smith

Unknown — nti-LGBT+ Christians love to use the Bible to justify their hatred and prejudice – but an LGBT+ theologian has explained they’ve got it all wrong. Indeed, it only takes TikTok video creator Tim Beeckman Davis only 57 seconds to dismiss all the extremist Christians’ favorite arguments. (More)

Pride.com Logo 10 Straight Actors Who Won Awards for Playing Queer Roles

10 Straight Actors Who Won Awards for Playing Queer Roles

By Raffy Ermac

Hollywood — While we love seeing LGBTQ+ narratives on screen, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that a lot of film and television's most well-known—and awarded—queer roles more often than not go to non-queer actors. Don't get us wrong! It's a step in the right direction to see more and more LGBTQ+ stories, but considering that out actors don't get as many opportunities as their straight colleagues, we still have a long, long way to go when it comes to representation. (More)

FYI: Darren Criss has since said he that will no longer be playing Gay roles so that more openly Gay actors can have a chance at them.

HIVPlus Logo

Staggering Drop in Washington, D.C.'s HIV Infections

By Neal Broverman

Washington — HIV diagnoses dropped by 16 percent in Washington, D.C., between 2018 and 2019, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced last week. The numbers are even more impressive when viewed over the past decade, with HIV infections dropping by 61 percent since 2011. (More)

Queerty Logo Check Out the Gay Movie Too Hot for the Catholic Church

Check Out the Gay Movie Too Hot for the Catholic Church

By David Reddish

Hollywood — Weekend follows the weekend-long hook up of Russell and Glen (Tom Cullen & Chris New), a pair of young gay men living in Nottingham. After a night of good sex, the two-part company…but can’t stop thinking about one another. When they meet up again, Glen reveals that he’s about to leave the country to attend a special art course. Are their feelings worth exploring? Or are they only inviting more pain into their already lonesome lives? (More)