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September 17th, 2020

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Coverboy Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Two Sides Of The Same Coin


Daddy Logo

Political SMS Messages

By Daddy

Las Vegas — I'm registered as an independent and the seems to mean: "maybe available" to the Joe Biden campaign. My standard response to unsolicited SMS messages is to reply: "Stop" which is suppose to mean "Go Away!" I received a standard: "We'll remove your number from our list." I was happy as they were acting in a responsible manner.

Then I received a second SMS message... Then a third SMS... Then a fourth SMS, each from a different arms of the Biden organization. This "in your face" politicizing is the type of campaigning I would expect from the other party. I have enough problems dealing with the constant barrage of falsehoods coming from the other party. I really don't need to have Biden's Campaign cramming their message down my throat and waking me on almost a daily basis (remember that I'm a day sleeper.)

I have often said that the two parties are simply "two sides of the same coin" This behavior is cementing my conviction that my vote may be better spent elsewhere as I'm starting to the think that nether Trump or Biden are the best man for the job. Writing in "Pete Buttigieg" would help broadcast my opinion that it's time for the next generation to take over the reins.

I'll be watching the pennies until the weekend (who am I kidding, I'm always watching my pennies). To all those that have donated, Thank you for your donations!. Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo Tan France Wants to Help You Get Laid With Better Style

Tan France Wants to Help You Get Laid With Better Style

By Taylor Henderson

Streaming — Ready for a wardrobe makeover? Queer Eye star Tan France is bringing his lessons in style, confidence, and fashion directly to you — along with his entire closet. (More)

TowleRoad Logo

Lincoln Project’s Condensed Trumps Nevada Speech

By Staff

Cyberspace — The Lincoln Project, the anti-Trump group co-founded by Kellyanne Conway’s husband George, and other disillusioned Republicans, condensed Donald Trump’s Minden, Nevada speech down into a brief 74 seconds. And it’s certainly …. interesting. (More)

Edge Logo Neil Patrick Harris Says His Entire Family Had COVID-19

Neil Patrick Harris Says His Entire Family Had COVID-19

By Staff

Hollywood — Neil Patrick Harris spoke with the "Today" show on Wednesday and revealed that he and his entire family had COVID and have since fully recovered. The "How I Met Your Mother" star said he, his husband David Burtka, and their two children contracted the new coronavirus earlier this year. (More)

Advocate Logo

By Staff

Unknown — The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards take place this Sunday, September 20 and in celebration, MrMan ranked the 2020 nominees according to their best nude scenes. Whether they stripped down in their Emmy-nominated role (like Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in Watchmen, pictured above) or previously got nude on screen (Brad Pitt didn’t deliver an X-rated Dr. Fauci, but he did once show some skin in Twelve Monkeys) all these sexy studs are guaranteed to give queer men an Emmy semi. (More)

Pride.com Logo Timothée Chalamet & Zendaya Combine Forces in Dune First Trailer

Timothée Chalamet & Zendaya Combine Forces in Dune First Trailer

By Raffy Ermac

Hollywood — This year has majorly sucked, but despite all the awfulness that has been happening, there's something many film nerds have been looking forward to ever since it was announced: Denis Villeneuve's highly-anticipated sci-fi film Dune! (More)

Logo Logo

Check Out the Cover for the New “Tales of the City” Graphic Novel

By Christopher Rudolph

Print — Anna Madrigal is about to get animated. Author Armistead Maupin has revealed the cover for the upcoming Tales of the City graphic novel, but you better learn French if you’re hoping to read the cartoon escapades of 28 Barbary Lane. The graphic novel, Chroniques de San Francisco, will be released in France on November 5 via STEINKIS. The collected comic was adapted by Isabelle Bauthian with art by Sandrine Revel. (More)

Queerty Logo Chris Evans’ First Screen Role Involved Sticking a Banana Somewhere Special

Chris Evans’ First Screen Role Involved Sticking a Banana Somewhere Special

By Derek de Koff

Hollywood — That’s actor Chris Evans, talking with W magazine about the various challenges of being an actor. Elsewhere in the clip, he discusses being dumped by his high school sweetheart, why shooting sex scenes is the most awkward experience you can imagine, and what it was like shoving a banana up his butt for his first film role. It’s all very illuminating. (More)


Magic Wand Offers Patriotic Enamel Pin to 'Promote the Vote'

By Dave Parkman

Napan — Magic Wand has announced it is providing distributors and retailers with “Vote” enamel pins that incorporate their signature vibrator. “Power comes in many forms, and voting is a powerful act,” said a rep. “In order to support and encourage voting behavior this fall, Magic Wand is pleased to provide these pins, created and provided by Vibratex." (More)

Advocate Logo MOVIES David Pevsner Brings Performance to Home Screens

MOVIES David Pevsner Brings Performance to Home Screens

By Matt Simonette

Los Angeles — Although Los Angeles-based performer David Pevsner's solo performance piece Musical Comedy Whore is technically a one-man show, Pevsner takes care to differentiate it from others. "I think people are kind of surprised by it, [thinking] that it's a 'one-man show' or a 'cabaret act,' and it's just not," said Pevsner, who is a Skokie native. "It's so much more than that." (More)