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Hunter Bronson

Washington D.C. - 4th Review



Palm Springs - 85th Review

New Review w/Photo


Sydney - 1st Review


Kirk of New York City

(aka WhosNext)

Kirk of New York City

  • 40s
  • Caucasian
  • None
  • Several
  • 5ft 8in (1.73m)
  • 140-150 lbs (64-68 kg)
  • Slim
  • Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Stubble
  • Happy Trail
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Review #2 - 10/16/2020
  • 10/2020
  • New York City
  • 1.5 Hours
  • 450
  • Recommended
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • rentmen.com
  • There is no one I have met over time that I would put the effort in to doing a review on this site. Sir Kirk is definitely worth the time. I was driving home to DC from Boston and did an overnighter in NYC.

    I got up the nerve to set up an appointment with Sir Kirk. I've only begun exploring the dom/sub dynamic within the last year. I really had no idea of what I was walking into.

    It proved to be the absolute best experience I've had in a very long time. I told him when we met his pictures don't do him justice. He's an incredibly good looking guy. What the pictures don't convey is the dimension of his personality. So he hit the trifecta...good looks...great personality...and skill. And does this guy have the necessary skills..WOW.

    But the best part for me and which made the experience even hotter was the fact that he was present and he seemed to enjoy my enjoyment.

    If you're into the dom/sub roles and want to explore what your limits are then Sir Kirk is a must have. I felt so comfortable and so trusting he took me to heights I've never experienced before. The man knows his power. Just let go and ride the wave. And I rode a wave!

    Treat yourself to an incredible time...if you can do at least 2 hours go for it. An hour wouldn't do it justice. I had scheduled a 90 minute session and didn't realize until I got back in the car that we had gone over 2 hours. He truly is the whole package. So freakin hot.

    I can't wait for my next DC-Boston trip. He deserves to be called Sir! (If you're looking for vanilla go to the grocery store).

  • Don -  1 Review(s)
  • in my 60's, white, 5'7, 150. I've been with some good escorts but none of them have been on the same level as Sir Kirk. He sets the bar very high.

Review #1 - 09/18/2020
  • 09/2020
  • New York City
  • 1 Hour
  • 300
  • Recommended
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • https://rent.men
  • If you're looking for a great dom guy, Sir Kirk is him. He knows how to put you right in your place. He pushes but does not break your limits.

    He has all the right tools and toys to make the encounter a fun one. His apartment is well-furnished with a sling, tv with porn playing and everything else needed for a fun time. He even considers the small details like little cups in the bathroom if you need some water or cleaning utensils readily available in case things get a bit dirty.

    And best of all he is really a great guy. He has the dom thing down to a science, but the moment it's over you're having a great conversation and he is handing you a glass of water. He really thinks of his clients needs and wants and provides them to the best of his abilities. I hope to make it back to New York and into Sir Kirk's sling again soon.

  • kerosenefire -  5 Review(s)
  • 30s professional who enjoys spending time with handsome men.